Tips to Solve Small Bathroom Problems

Having a small bathroom inside your house will likely give you a challenge to be able to take advantage despite any limitations that the room offers. You should be able to make use of any space inside the room without making it look crowded. In order to do that, all that you need are some tricks that can make your small bathroom comfortable and attractive without making it look too full. The following smart tips for small bathrooms may be suitable to be applied in your house.

Small Bathroom Problems

Tiny bathroom with minimum space, sometimes cause you some troubles, such as:

  • Every time you enter the bathroom, you will think as if you were crammed inside that tiny room.
  • You do not have any room for storage, whereas you have already been squeezed in the loo, shower, bath tub, and sink.
  • It makes you not able to add shelves, although you need more room for storage.

Small bathroom sample

Small Bathroom Tips

In order to solve those problems, we provide you some tips that might be useful to facilitate your needs yet still give spacious effect to your bathroom.

  • To solve the first problem, a trick for spacious illusion might be useful to make your bathroom look larger. You can create such illusion by leaving the floor area clear. It can be done by placing some hung elements that do not touch the ground, like a sink that is hung on the wall, and a toilet that is also hung slightly above the ground. Keeping the floor freed-up will not only make your bathroom look more spacious, but it will also allow you to make use of that space to place any needed items, like a bin for waste papers, or stowing basket.
  • It is better for you not to use the valuable space inside your bathroom, or else, your bathroom will look even smaller. Instead, you can provide extra areas to put your toiletries and towels on the storage niches that are placed in the shower area above your toilet.
  • You are suggested to use a shower rather than a bath tub in the small bathroom.
  • Use neutral, soft, or pastel colors for the bathroom floor, wall, and any other elements in the bathroom.
  • Put a big mirror to give a spacious effect to your small bathroom.

Those are some tips in making a small bathroom look wider. We hope that these tips can provide inspiration and input for those who may face a problem in dealing with small bathrooms.

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