Tips For Facing Hot Weather To Stay Healthy

The occurrence of an increase in air temperature that becomes very hot can affect the body’s metabolic system. Not only affects the metabolism of the body but also can affect the health of the skin so that the skin becomes easy to dry and loss of moisture in the skin.

There are several factors or things of risk that occur due to the increase in air temperature, including:

Reduced or deficient fluid (dehydration)
Slow handling due to dehydration can lead to:
Heat cramps is a condition caused by exposure to heat and the body lacks eletrolite levels that pass through the sweat, resulting in muscle becoming spasm or cramp.
Heat exhaustion is fatigue caused by exposure to heat which causes the body to lose a lot of fluid released through sweat, decreased blood pressure, headache, nausea, disturbance on the division and fainting when not treated.
Heat stroke is a condition that can threaten the safety of the soul where the body temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius even more.
Anyone has a risk of experiencing health problems in the event of a sudden increase in high-degree air temperatures. Here are the people who are vulnerable to the hot weather, including:

Someone who has excess body weight (obesity)
In infants and small children
Someone who has had problems with heart organ
A person working on an open area or field
Someone suffering from respiratory problems
Someone suffering from psychological problems
In the elderly, primarily at the age above 75 years
Well here are some health tips to face the hot weather, cekidot:

Enough daily water needs to avoid dehydration, at least 1 liter of water per day. Should also avoid to consume tea water because tea has diuretic properties that will make you frequent urination.
Wear clothing made of thin, non-absorbing material, not tight and have a bright or white shirt color.
Apply a moisturizer that serves to keep skin moist and use sunscreen that serves to protect the skin from the sun.
Consume more vegetables and fruits that have high moisture content.
Get plenty of rest when there is time to spare.
Should avoid direct sunlight.
Reduce activity at 11 to 3 pm because at that hour the temperature is hot or rising, if possible.
Bathing is a way to refresh the body, but not too often yes Because it can eliminate the natural moisture in the skin.
Should avoid foods high in protein content.
Avoid wearing excessive cosmetics, especially on the face.
When there has been a heat cram, then you can consume food or drink with high salt content.
That’s the simple information on healthy tips on hot weather. Hope can be useful for all.

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