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Does Dengue Hemorrhoid Include Type Hay Fever Rash?

Until now, there are still many people who misunderstand the definition of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, where one of these diseases is still the fruit of the environment around the community and is always debated to date, whether the type of Dengue Fever is included in the group Hay Fever Rash? So, there are some analysis or explanation from some expert experts who explain in a random and factual basis of it.

hay fever rash

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is one of the illnesses that is not always associated with Hay Fever Rash. Because, both types of fever has a different source of disease but have symptoms that are slightly the same, ie with the onset of symptoms of a sudden rise in body temperature than usual. However, there are some things that become the basis of the difference between the type of common fever with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever you should know in order not to create anxiety in the community that still looked at one eye between the both.

If Hay Fever Rash is a common fever disease and is common to almost everyone, then Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is different from ordinary fever. Because, the source of the disease from its existence is the lack of attention to the surrounding environment that causes the gathering of mosquitoes that become a hotbed of the disease in the fever in your body. In addition, if you have been attacked by the disease then the symptoms that often occur is with the incidence of red spots throughout the body and high temperatures resulting from mosquitoes that cause you have Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. Simple steps you can do to avoid the disease is to always clean the bathroom and close the tub of water in it, but it also clean the environment and use insect repellent so that insects do not bring the disease virus into your home.

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