Staying Tough Facing Parent Divorce

Facing the process of parental divorce is a very difficult thing for a child to face, Rukhiyatauditiar imagining that his family is on the edge to destruction is a nightmare he never wanted to experience. Rukhiyatauditiar Thousands or even up to millions of children around the world face this every year, but the reactions shown by each child can vary, some are strong and can accept the reality with the readiness of the heart, Rukhiyatauditiar but not a few who come crashed and eventually just fall into the in negative things.


If your parents are in the process of divorcing, of course no one can understand your sadness well, no one can understand your hurt, no one can understand how disappointed your heart is, but remember that life is yours, fear, disappointment, frustration you have to overcome because you take full responsibility for your life and your future. Do not ever despair, rise up and fight against all the burdens that hinder you all this time, learn from your parents experience that you believe can be better than them.

Convince yourself that your parents’ divorce is not the end of everything. Take a look at some of the following tips to strengthen yourself in the face of your parent’s divorce:

1. Never blame yourself
Failure to nurture a household can be experienced by anyone, children as family members should not have the thought that the failure of their parents’ household is caused by him. The divorce experienced by every parent has a complex problem that has occurred over a long period of time during their marriage, so even if your parents have decided to split up, do not panic in advance that your parents will hate or even abandon you . In general though parents have divorced but their affection for their children will never be lost.

2. Cry
God gives humans the ability to weep there must be a reason, crying is not a manifestation of human weakness but a way that humans can use to ease the burden of life they are experiencing. After crying usually someone will feel calm and relieved so that he can think back clearly. Cry if you want to, overflow your emotions, do not buried, you better show your weak side as a human being instead of feeling powerful but your heart is devastated.


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3. Curhat
As human social beings can not help but need others to help him solve a problem. Therefore, if you feel the burden you feel associated with your parents’ divorce process becomes more intolerable you should be able to express your sadness to others. Bring your heart to the people closest to you, seek advice and help as well as support from them so you can feel the strength in overcoming the problems you are facing.

4. Keep socializing
If you are an only child do not confine yourself to mourn your grief, keep the activity as usual and if possible perbanyaklah socialize with others. The more good friends you have, the more you will never feel your parent’s divorce and divorce will not have a significant impact on you.

5. Do not take sides
Sometimes in a parent’s divorce there is one party of your parents trying to influence you and trying to make you believe that the cause of the divorce is your father or mother. Here you must be wise to respond, do not want dragged into the flow of your parents disputes, you are asked to be impartial to one party. Stand in the middle and tell them both that you still love them as your parents, if one party is trying to get your custody, then you should be able to convince the other that their divorce will not have any effect, you will still consider them both are your parents.

6. Pray for strength on God
God loves every one of His people, no one will allow Him alone to face difficulties in life as long as we do not leave Him. Prayer is our way of communicating with Him, humbly and earnestly asking Him for strength, by strengthening your faith when the storms of life can save you from the desire to do negative things that will add to your difficulties.

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