Staying Tough Facing Parent Divorce

Facing the process of parental divorce is a very difficult thing for a child to face, Rukhiyatauditiar imagining that his family is on the edge to destruction is a nightmare he never wanted to experience. Rukhiyatauditiar Thousands or even up to millions of children around the world face this every year, but the reactions shown by each child can vary, some are strong and can accept the reality with the readiness of the heart, Rukhiyatauditiar but not a few who come crashed and eventually just fall into the in negative things.


If your parents are in the process of divorcing, of course no one can understand your sadness well, no one can understand your hurt, no one can understand how disappointed your heart is, but remember that life is yours, fear, disappointment, frustration you have to overcome because you take full responsibility for your life and your future. Do not ever despair, rise up and fight against all the burdens that hinder you all this time, learn from your parents experience that you believe can be better than them.

Convince yourself that your parents’ divorce is not the end of everything. Take a look at some of the following tips to strengthen yourself in the face of your parent’s divorce:

1. Never blame yourself
Failure to nurture a household can be experienced by anyone, children as family members should not have the thought that the failure of their parents’ household is caused by him. The divorce experienced by every parent has a complex problem that has occurred over a long period of time during their marriage, so even if your parents have decided to split up, do not panic in advance that your parents will hate or even abandon you . In general though parents have divorced but their affection for their children will never be lost.

2. Cry
God gives humans the ability to weep there must be a reason, crying is not a manifestation of human weakness but a way that humans can use to ease the burden of life they are experiencing. After crying usually someone will feel calm and relieved so that he can think back clearly. Cry if you want to, overflow your emotions, do not buried, you better show your weak side as a human being instead of feeling powerful but your heart is devastated.


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3. Curhat
As human social beings can not help but need others to help him solve a problem. Therefore, if you feel the burden you feel associated with your parents’ divorce process becomes more intolerable you should be able to express your sadness to others. Bring your heart to the people closest to you, seek advice and help as well as support from them so you can feel the strength in overcoming the problems you are facing.

4. Keep socializing
If you are an only child do not confine yourself to mourn your grief, keep the activity as usual and if possible perbanyaklah socialize with others. The more good friends you have, the more you will never feel your parent’s divorce and divorce will not have a significant impact on you.

5. Do not take sides
Sometimes in a parent’s divorce there is one party of your parents trying to influence you and trying to make you believe that the cause of the divorce is your father or mother. Here you must be wise to respond, do not want dragged into the flow of your parents disputes, you are asked to be impartial to one party. Stand in the middle and tell them both that you still love them as your parents, if one party is trying to get your custody, then you should be able to convince the other that their divorce will not have any effect, you will still consider them both are your parents.

6. Pray for strength on God
God loves every one of His people, no one will allow Him alone to face difficulties in life as long as we do not leave Him. Prayer is our way of communicating with Him, humbly and earnestly asking Him for strength, by strengthening your faith when the storms of life can save you from the desire to do negative things that will add to your difficulties.

Apparently, this is the main cause of divorce today

Did you know that the cities in Australia set a curfew that is 17:00 Pk? Yes, so all the shops and offices have had to break off since five o’clock. In a big city, there will always be a restaurant or club that opens until midnight, but certainly not for everyone. Most families there, can enjoy dinner together, and play or chat before bed.

While the big cities in Indonesia, it seems do not have such a policy. It is only natural that we see children still hanging around in the shopping center until the evening. And so many workers are spending time in the cafe, while waiting for traffic. So do couples, who have their own busyness. The presence of gadgets too, like perfecting the estrangement that occurs because seldom spend time together.

Indeed, whether past or present, fostering marriage is not an easy matter. Each with its own problems, despite the problems of family, third person, money, until the work is usually the culprit. But now, the challenges facing married couples increasingly complex. In addition to these things, many new things that could destabilize a marriage. Social media, lifestyle, as well as mass media shows such as ‘fertilizers’ that nourish household disharmony.

This is how the digital era is, when everyone is connected through a gadget. Restaurant reservation for dinner with partner, just by app. Giving flowers for wife live click florist website, courier immediately come send flowers to office wife. This is practical, and anti-ribet, but also without any physical connection. Already depart must be early, home must be more night, plus everything connected digital only.

“It can not be denied, technological advancement is closer to those who are far away and keep close,” said Devie Rachmawati, S.Sos, M.Hum, Social Observer and Lecturer of Vocational Communication University of Indonesia. The temptation of affair in the present era is much easier than it was a few decades ago, due to the advancement of communication technology. Now, just go to social media page, chatting with old friends, turns on and on. This is what opened the gap for infidelity.

Infidelity itself, generally starting from the needs of the house that is not fulfilled by the couple. Either need to tell stories about everyday problems, the need to be noticed, loved, and others. Unfulfilled, they look outside. If this problem is not resolved soon, the household will disband, whether or not the technology exists.


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Devie pointed out, research in some countries says, one’s activity in social media is used as evidence in the trial of divorce. One of them in Italy. According to The Italian Association of Matrimonials written, in a 40% divorce lawsuit, a person’s conversation through WhatsApp is made proof of dishonesty and infidelity.

Chairman of the association, Gian Ettore Gassani, said, “Social media encourages Italians to cheat more easily, via SMS, Facebook, and WhatsApp, they exchange photos and intimate words,” he explained. This is justified by Devie. Even according to Devie, social media makes people can build relationships or cheating with 4-5 people at once.

However, Devie considers social media not the cause of the divorce. “Social media is just a catalyst, the real cause is the drought relationship between the couple,” he said.

In Indonesia, data from the Center for Religious Religious Life Research (Kemenag) said the divorce rate in Indonesia, of 2 million married couples, 15% divorced.

“It turns out that the cause of divorce in the first place is not merely an economic problem, but rather disharmony, because there is no emotional bonding and physical connection between couples,” Devie explained. An example of one of the causes, according to Devie, in the context of a big city is the failure of the government to build an adequate mass transportation system. This makes family members now have to leave early and come home later.

That way, the relationship with the spouse is more distant, and the time spent with people outside the home more than their own partner. Emotional bonding precisely with others. Arriving at home, the husband and wife are tired. “It keeps them isolated in their own homes, leading to the discomfort that triggers divorce,” Devie said.

Unfortunately, you can not blame anyone, neither social media, nor government policy. Because this marriage has you and your partner. If you already understand the main problem of estrangement, would not it be better if we use the gadget more wisely? Then look for ways to, your family can still spend more time

Tips And Tricks about mobile game you want

Everyone has to get a new Android ios games every so often. But, many people out there aren’t able to make the correct choice about things. Go on for great tips that show you how to achieve this and learn how to love your phone.

Do not accept updates that happen to be on the air or apps that will take a great deal of memory out of your phone. This may decrease its performance in the long reduce and run the processing power it has. Make certain you only add what you require on your phone to conserve memory.

To prolong battery life of your cellphone, ensure that apps are not running from the background always. Some apps will continue to operate if you do not disable them, and also this can drain your battery quickly. As a way to turn these apps off and then make your battery keep going longer, check your settings to view what you ought to do.

When you accidentally drop your phone into any liquid, don’t just throw it away assuming it no more work. Take the battery out and put your phone within a bag with rice. This facilitates absorption of moisture containing gotten inside your device.

Try not to use your Android ios games in areas which have weak or no signal. Phones make use of more power attempting to access weaker signals. It does not matter regardless if you are making use of the phone or perhaps not. Just leaving it on during these areas can completely drain your Android ios games’s battery within a few hours.

When choosing your cellphone, make sure to consider bundles. Most companies offer them, and so they might include things like a case or a car charger. It is often cheaper to acquire each one of these products in a bundle instead of buy them separately, and there exists a pretty good possibility you can expect to want some of the accessories.

In case you are looking for a brand new cellular phone and so are unsure about which direction to consider, do a favor and inquire your loved ones members for opinions. The method will probably be more simple, by seeking personal strategies for both brands and models. Getting something you know people like may be the best way to end up content with your new phone.

Consider cellphone plans that provide you with a decent quantity of data monthly. Nowadays, Android ios games users use data a lot more than talk minutes. In fact a great deal of carriers offer a huge amount of talk minutes, but charge you limited about the data you make use of. Look to get the best bang for your buck with regards to data.

Were you aware that you save money on calls to have information? While many cellular phone companies charge up to $1.75 for calling 411, you are able to still get important information by dialing (800)Free411. You will get the identical information without incurring any other charges on your own Android ios games bill.

Cellular phones are constantly changing. You must remember, however, you need to learn a lot to have a phone that fits the needs you possess. Hopefully, the recommendation and data on this page will prepare you to identify the perfect cellular phone.

Tasty Tips To Boost Your Coffee Habit

Coffee is simply so refreshing isn’t it? You may wonder how you can enjoy your coffee differently than you are doing. Ensure that you haven’t explored every option available to you. Continue reading to discover just ways to spice up that next cup of joe each morning.

Sugar will not be a choice should you suffer from diabetes, so employing a substitute will help sweeten your coffee without effecting your glucose levels. This really is a natural sweetener that may be better for you. Grocery health insurance and stores stores carry Stevia.

Ensure that you create your coffee in water that you just might have no trouble drinking alone. This is important since the taste of the water will affect the way in which it will make your coffee taste. Use spring water to brew your coffee if you live in a area the location where the water quality is not really that great.

Have you been sharing coffee with any guests? You ought to make an effort in decorating your homemade lattes. Just a little patience can assist you learn simple patterns like flowers and leaves that may impress your friends and family. Also, you are able to practice to become skilled by doing this.

Coffee tastes a lot better when it is fresh brewed, and is actually lower in caffeine if consumed immediately after it can be made. Many people are particular about using only spring water or bottled water to make it, although some manage to think plain tap water works just great for making good coffee.

Setting up a great cup of coffee really depends on your coffeemaker. It does need to brew the coffee properly, even though it lacks being the highest priced model to make a great mug of coffee. Choose a coffee maker who can extract all the best elements away from every single bean.

When you loved your coffee on ice, try cold-brewing your own personal coffee concentrated. There are several recipes available on the internet Most entail mixing a couple of cups of water into several ounces of ground coffee, allowing the mix to sit down overnight. Once the grounds are strained out, you are left having a smooth, rich concentrate which can be diluted with milk or ice and water.

Many people like drinking coffee but avoid it simply because they don’t want their teeth to get all yellow and stained. If you love drinking coffee but are afraid that it will stain your teeth you should think about drinking it via a straw. This will stop the coffee from ever getting into contact with your teeth.

Always make sure that you store your coffee in a airtight container when you are not considering utilizing it. This will aid to preserve its freshness to enable you to make coffee that is desirable for your family and friends. Coffee tastes the very best after it is fresh, as this will aid to optimize your brew.

Fresh coffee beans taste better than anything you can buy in stores. Did you know you could roast your very own beans and savor fresh coffee every day? You can easily roast your personal beans by placing them with your oven or by using a heat gun. Buy some cheap beans to apply.

Utilize your used coffee grounds inside your compost pile! Coffee grounds offer many beneficial ingredients to your compost pile including pest control. Coffee grounds contain caffeine that helps prohibit the development of fungus that could quickly destroy your vegetable garden. When you brew a new pot of joe don’t throw away those grounds add them to your compost pile!

Now have you been excited? Get pumped, and go buy that gourmet blend you’ve been wanting to try. Test out different flavors, add some different ingredients to the coffee. Heck, even through it on some ice! Remember what you’ve read here as you jump out of bed tomorrow for that fresh coffee.

Functions and Benefits of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV

cctv jakartaCCTV or Closed Circuit is a technology that allows supervision of certain places or certain objects within 24 hours non-stop. The use of CCTV Cameras is not a new thing anymore.

Lots of office centers, shopping centers, mini markets, public areas, even private homes that use CCTV jakarta to keep track of the circumstances and activities around the place.

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, CCTV cameras also vary. Each type of CCTV camera has its own advantages. But do you know what are the functions and benefits of these CCTV cameras? The following are some of the functions and benefits of CCTV cameras.

1. Supervision and security

CCTV cameras are mostly used by certain people for surveillance purposes. CCTV jakarta can monitor any incident that can be reached, for 24 hours non-stop. With CCTV you can see what happened during 24 hours.

The use of CCTV in banks is used to monitor crime by robbers, if the crime happens, you can see the perpetrators’ face of the CCTV record. On the highway, CCTV cameras are used by the transportation agency to monitor the state of the road and activities that occur along the highway.

It can also be used to view criminal acts occurring on the highway, so that police can prevent the same crime that takes place on the streets.

2. Monitoring activities at home

For some people, installing CCTV cameras is mandatory especially if the area of ​​the house is less secure. CCTV cameras are used by several people to monitor the circumstances that occur around the house. In addition, some homeowners install CCTV Cameras to keep an eye on their children’s activities to be safe and monitored.

3. Remote Control

CCTV cameras can also be used to monitor activity remotely. For example, branch offices in pairs of some CCTV to be monitored from headquarters. Monitoring is performed to see what employee activity or events are happening in the branch office.

CCTV technology today allows you to view CCTV recordings from your own personal gadgets. So you can easily control your CCTV camera with your own gadget /

4. Employee Performance Observation Tool

In office buildings, CCTV cameras are often used to analyze the performance of employees in the office. You can see the performance of your employees whether it is optimal or there are employees who are not serious in working or doing other things while working, this is all you can find out from the CCTV recordings.

Proven if the use of CCTV cameras in office buildings can improve employee performance because employees feel supervised during work.

5. Powerful Proof Tool

The use of CCTV cameras can also be used to analyze crime, murder, robbery and other cases. With the help of CCTV recordings can be concrete and strong evidence to find out who the perpetrators of these crimes.

Before deciding to use CCTV jakarta technology, you should analyze whether the use of CCTV cameras can provide benefits for you or not.

Benefits of Tomato Fruit For Face

grosir buah importTomato fruit contains many nutrients and nutrients that benefit both for facial skin and female beauty. For that, on this occasion I will discuss it here.

Tomatoes are very easy to find in our daily lives, surely you are also so because it is easily obtained. Therefore it never hurts to try the tomato slices to care for your facial skin beauty. By eating tomatoes will get good benefits for the health of our skin and body, in addition you can use it as a mask for your skin to get a very extraordinary benefits if done regularly every day. Here is the explanation!

Benefits of tomatoes for facial beauty

Here are some benefits of tomatoes for the face, including:

Can brighten and moisturize facial skin

Tomato grosir buah import has many content that is very beneficial for skin health such as vitamin C and E and has a very powerful anti-germ content in disinfecting germs on the skin. Tomato grosir buah import can be used as a face mask that can brighten and moisturize the skin.

The trick is:

Take the fresh red tomatoes and then wash them clean so that the pesticide content is lost. After that split into several parts then rub all over the face and neck skin until evenly, then let stand about 15 minutes for the nutritional content in the tomato can penetrate well. Then put it with a soft wet towel, then feel the result.

Can protect the skin from the sun

The heat of the sun can cause skin burning and even inflamed, if left alone it will adversely affect the health of your skin. But you do not worry because the tomatoes can be protective from the sun.

The trick is:

Blend 1 fresh tomato then add a little yoghurt, stirring until evenly distributed. After that, apply all over the facial skin and let stand for about 15 minutes. Then clean with cold water until clean, do this treatment regularly to get maximum results.

May reduce excess oil content

Oily skin can cause dull facial skin and pimples, this is caused by dead skin cells that are on the skin of the face. To overcome the problem of oily skin, you can use tomatoes as an alternative solution that is believed to be very powerful in overcoming the problem of oily skin.

The trick is:

Puree 1 medium-sized fresh tomatoes and 1 small cucumber, blend it with a blender. After that first clean your face then apply tomato juice throughout the face and neck until evenly, then let stand for 30 minutes then wipe with cold water. Perform this treatment on a regular basis every day until the oil content on your facial skin is reduced.

Can eliminate acne

Tomato fruit is also able to get rid of acne quickly,

The trick is:

Clean your face first with warm water before treatment. After that, puree 1 tomato with a blender until smooth and add lemon juice 2 tablespoons. Then apply all over your face for the results evenly, because in addition to eliminating acne this way is also useful to smooth your facial skin. After all is evenly, let stand for a night so that the result is maximal then clean in the morning with warm water and repeat with cold water. Perform this treatment every day until the acne is gone.

Can shrink enlarged pores

To shrink the widened pores, you can do the way using tomatoes.

The trick is:

Clean your facial skin first with warm water, then split the tomato into 2 parts then rub all over your face and let stand for 20 minutes. After that, clean the skin with cold water until completely clean. Perform this treatment on a daily basis

Tips For Facing Hot Weather To Stay Healthy

The occurrence of an increase in air temperature that becomes very hot can affect the body’s metabolic system. Not only affects the metabolism of the body but also can affect the health of the skin so that the skin becomes easy to dry and loss of moisture in the skin.

There are several factors or things of risk that occur due to the increase in air temperature, including:

Reduced or deficient fluid (dehydration)
Slow handling due to dehydration can lead to:
Heat cramps is a condition caused by exposure to heat and the body lacks eletrolite levels that pass through the sweat, resulting in muscle becoming spasm or cramp.
Heat exhaustion is fatigue caused by exposure to heat which causes the body to lose a lot of fluid released through sweat, decreased blood pressure, headache, nausea, disturbance on the division and fainting when not treated.
Heat stroke is a condition that can threaten the safety of the soul where the body temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius even more.
Anyone has a risk of experiencing health problems in the event of a sudden increase in high-degree air temperatures. Here are the people who are vulnerable to the hot weather, including:

Someone who has excess body weight (obesity)
In infants and small children
Someone who has had problems with heart organ
A person working on an open area or field
Someone suffering from respiratory problems
Someone suffering from psychological problems
In the elderly, primarily at the age above 75 years
Well here are some health tips to face the hot weather, cekidot:

Enough daily water needs to avoid dehydration, at least 1 liter of water per day. Should also avoid to consume tea water because tea has diuretic properties that will make you frequent urination.
Wear clothing made of thin, non-absorbing material, not tight and have a bright or white shirt color.
Apply a moisturizer that serves to keep skin moist and use sunscreen that serves to protect the skin from the sun.
Consume more vegetables and fruits that have high moisture content.
Get plenty of rest when there is time to spare.
Should avoid direct sunlight.
Reduce activity at 11 to 3 pm because at that hour the temperature is hot or rising, if possible.
Bathing is a way to refresh the body, but not too often yes Because it can eliminate the natural moisture in the skin.
Should avoid foods high in protein content.
Avoid wearing excessive cosmetics, especially on the face.
When there has been a heat cram, then you can consume food or drink with high salt content.
That’s the simple information on healthy tips on hot weather. Hope can be useful for all.

Here’s How Extreme Hollywood actress Before There Beautify Facial Plastic Surgery

lil kim plastic surgery – Ease improve the appearance of the face and body can already be done by anyone today. As long as there is guts and money, certainly you can look pretty nearly perfect through various aesthetic world of advanced technology.

However, what about the old days when the medical world and the technological sophistication yet to find a method of cosmetic surgery? What was done by the older artists to be able to get a perfect performance as they wish?

As excerpted , here the search results about how a Hollywood actress extreme beautify the face before plastic surgery.

Here's How Extreme Hollywood actress Before There Beautify Facial Plastic Surgery

1. Change the hairline

In the old days, Hollywood actresses have unique standards to be considered beautiful. One is a high hairline. Because not everyone has a high hair line, then the way to change it is to perform electrolysis.

What is called electrolysis technique is the use of thin metal to give effect to the ‘shock’ of the hair follicles and makes hair is permanently lost. After performing this procedure, the hairline will rise and face shape can change. One of the most famous people who perform this procedure is Marilyn Monroe.

2. Revoke molars

Hollywood actress in the past are expected to have a sharp cheekbones and high. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a jaw line. In order to get the jaw and cheeks gaunt as such, a number of artists revoke their molar teeth. This way it can be used in order to look empty cheek and cheekbones become more assertive.

3. Method Corydon Facelift ‘extreme’

To get the skin taut and beautiful, apparently ancient artist was willing to do pretty awful procedure called method Croydon Facelift. This method is done by using a kind of plaster for operation and requires a person’s hair twisted in a certain way so that the skin can be toned.

It is not advisable to do because the skin is actually very soft. This process can damage the skin elasticity. In addition, the hair twist and pull the skin on the charge can damage hair follicles and cause permanent balding hair.

4. Nose

The artists present untold who perform rhinoplasty surgery alias to make the nose more aquiline. However, in ancient times the sophisticated technology now clear yet. Nose surgery recast ancient times not as popular now, and the risk is quite large.

Rhinoplasty is proved to have done long ago even though the technique is not clear until now. Well, one unique fact is Marilyn Monroe has been performing this procedure. Based on the results of X-ray of the skull Monroe, there were indications that it performs a number of procedures to change the existing cartilage at the end of his nose.


The scars can be caused by a variety of many contributing factors. For most people who have skin scars on their skin may feel discomfort, lasting scars on the body, especially the outside of the body that is easy to look like the face that the effect could make the patient more and more insecure. Some cases of scars such as burns, cuts imprint due to chicken pox or measles fire that left a black stain on the skin, acne scars on the face, scars due to exposure to sharp objects, scars from the accident, until the scars from an illness. Alternatives are taken to remove the scar on the above cases can with plastic surgery. dove cameron plastic surgery


Handling on any accident injuries with medical treatment usually leaves scars stitches example, if the affected area is the face of the effects of reducing confidence. Feeling oneself appearance is not perfect due to the scars left behind and are difficult to remove. The scars that are new or old have a fairly complicated treatment intensity increased if the scars are difficult to remove. Scars left black spots or stains are quite cumbersome need to be addressed and eliminated, if not promptly treated scar or scar will be removed can be a keloid, when these scars has become a keloid. Keloid is a skin disease that occurs due to the growth of scar tissue that is abnormal or excessive after the recovery of the injury or wound in.

Not overreact if partially eliminate these scars withplastic surgery . Due to the removal of the scars are not to regenerate skin cells that have been damaged, but to produce a smooth appearance of the skin by lifting the damaged skin cells.

Plastic Surgery is not just satisfied appetite to add beauty alone but in some cases such as accident to repair tissue ruksak is allowed and is commonplace. Psychology accident victims for quite heavy when coupled with a prominent scar can cause prolonged traumatic. For the above cases, plastic surgery operations and Ultimo indeed become an alternative could be an option right place to eliminate your scars with plastic surgery.

Liver Disease Causes and Prevention and Treatment

One important organ possessed by humans is the liver. This one organ plays an important role in doing what the process that helps our body metabolism. There were four liver function is to convert beta-carotene into vitamin A, store glycogen, cell remodel red blood cells die and neutralizing poisons.

Unfortunately liver function can also be impaired even the ravages of various faktor.Jika this disorder is not immediately addressed by appropriate treatment the liver disease that can progress to liver disease. The cause of the liver disease itself are manifold.


Liver Disease Causes and Treatment

The following will explain the causes of liver disease and its treatment . The cause of this disease there are several. First, the disease is caused by a chronic infection of hepatitis patients who have sustained. Second, alcohol and illicit drugs are also at high risk of liver disease. Besides consuming medical drugs haphazardly without a prescription or doctor’s advice may increase the risk of damage to the liver.

All the above factors causing otherwise obtain treatment will cause symptoms is called cirrhosis of the liver. Liver cells will experience inflammation and even cause cell death as a result of the above. If liver function have started to decline so many activities that rely on the liver will be disturbed. Medical treatments are performed for patients in the early stages generally address the cause.

If the cause of the liver disease due to infection issues then administration of drugs to treat infections will help inhibit the liver damage. Stopping alcohol consumption and reducing salt intake can also help save your liver function. If the liver is already a fairly chronic dysfunction it is necessary to further medical action to address the problem. The surgery can be done by two methods. The first is to cut the liver is damaged from falling spreads to the healthy organ. The second is to do a liver transplant from a donor.

Liver Disease Causes and Prevention

Causes of liver disease and its prevention will be discussed further here. If you already know the cause and the various risks that must be taken if suffering from liver disease, then you should better understand and implement ways to prevent it from you and your family avoid this deadly disease. You should avoid smoking, alcohol and consume drugs at random to avoid a variety of liver disorders due to toxins or toxic chemicals that come from above.

Furthermore, you also should not be arbitrary snacks at roadside because the virus can be contagious hepatotis tone may be resilient body is weak. Perform the action hepatitis A and B as toddlers to children to avoid infection in the future. Perform a routine inspection of a wide range of our body’s vital organs regularly at least every two years. Do not underestimate this disease because if late resolved then it will be a disease that could cost the lives of you and your family.

Well, now you have a better understanding of the causes of liver disease are indeed prevail if did not receive proper medical treatment and as early as possible. Go to the doctor if you find yourself or families experiencing symptoms that lead to the symptoms of liver disease such as fever and swelling in the stomach area so as not to be late.

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