HP Printer Drivers for Windows 10: Easy Installation for You

HP printer is product that trusted for any office or home needed. That is why some people want to install this printer for any operating systems they have. HP printer is appropriate for windows 10 with the special driver to support the system. You need to know how to install HP printer drivers for windows 10 which will help you. Here the simple steps will guide you to install HP printer driver on your windows 10.

To know that your printer is support for your windows, you need to click the Drivers. From the Driver, you also know which are software that available and ready to install in your PC. In this Driver, list of HP printer drivers will appear and you can select the correct one.

#Step one

The first step, connect to the network then enable automatic discovery. Windows 10 has automatic setup feature that permit for both computers and also printer. Windows will discover the printer on the operating system when the computer has connected to the internet. Usually, windows will notice your printer, download then install the driver for “devices and printers” menu. Make sure that your computer has Administrator honor and the network is not share of domain.

#Step two

The second step, install your HP printer drivers for windows 10 on Devices and Printers menu. Start with connecting the cable of network to the printer, then open devices and printers in control panel. After that, click the menu and wait until your windows discover the printer you have connected. Next, pick the name of your printer and select next on the dialogue. Then, follow these steps until done and complete the installation.

#Step three

The third step, install HP printer drivers by using Windows update. Start with running the windows update but make sure that your computer has connected to the internet. Then, open devices and printers and pick add printer. You should choose the printer that it was not listed on the desktop dialogue. After that, add the network printer manually with the manual setting.

Then, you may pick the option of “use an existing port”. After that, you should choose Windows Update then wait until the process completed. When the process is done, you can click HP on the Manufacturer options to find your correct printer.

Those are the steps you should follow for getting the correct installation of HP printer drivers for windows 10. The ease way above will really help you on operating the printer with the smart windows 10.


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