Geometric Painting: see how to do it

Colors are prominent in the decor, and some painting techniques make the walls protagonists of any environment. One of them, in particular, has been a trend in modern and creative projects: geometric painting.

The Beautiful and economical idea, the geometric painting has a plethora of drawing options and can be applied in any room of the house, according to the style of each.

And the best: if you do not want to hire a professional painter, a little skill to do the markings with crepe tape and paint is enough.

Doubt? See the step by step how to make a geometric painting.


– Newspaper or plastic to cover the floor;

– Roll of wool (number according to the amount of colors you will use);

– Ink tray;

– Crepe tape;

– Brush;

– Ink;

– Sandpaper.

First step

Choose the drawing you will make, and outline the area to be painted. Remember: the less divisions and colors, the greater the design, the easier the execution.

Second step

If the surface is not very smooth, sandpaper the area to leave the wall even.

Third step

Set the background color, which will be the predominant of the wall. After painting the surface completely with the chosen color, wait for the complete drying time determined by the paint manufacturer, okay? This drying can take up to 48 hours.

Fourth step

With dry paint, mark the geometric designs with crepe tape. Any crepe tape works for the project, but there are own tapes for painting. Press it against the wall so that the paint does not penetrate underneath it.

If you choose triangles, you can rely on the help of squares. For stripes, use a level to make them very close.

Fifth step

Placed ribbon, start painting the geometric shapes, in the colors you have chosen. Tip: Darker tones give the impression of shadow, while lighter tones emphasize light.

Important: Do not dissolve the ink to prevent it from flowing.

Sixth step

Finished paint, remove the crepe tape as soon as it is dry to the touch. Important: Do not wait for the ink to dry completely, it can damage the paint.

If necessary, touch the edges of the geometric figure with the brush.

Want to see a step by step in detail? See this Coral Paints tutorial.

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