Flooring for the Bathroom: How to choose Types and Colors?

It may not look like it, but the bathroom always gives a differential to your home. After a long day of work or study, it is in him that you take that revitalizing bath. And not necessarily just you, your visitors also enjoy this room. Check below some tips for you to select your new bathroom floor!


Sweethearts from various bathrooms out there, the tablets can be found in various colors and materials (glass, ceramic, among others), giving you a huge range of possibilities when decorating your bathroom. In addition, the material is great for small spaces, because its size helps the environment to be “enlarged”. Just be careful when choosing the coating, because the pellet easily accumulates waste! Cleaning is something that has to be done carefully when choosing this material.


Another floor very popular among bathrooms, the tile has a huge variety of styles, but, unlike the tablet, can be stamped with aesthetic standards. One advantage of this stylish floor is the cost, which is lower compared to others, thus making you remodel a bit more than an initial budget. Just be sure of the pattern you are going to use, because after a while you may end up getting seasick.


We all know that home security is key. When we talk about the toilet, we have to take into account that accidents such as slip after a bath, are totally possible. For this reason, the anti-slip floor has been developed, which values safety (but it does not stop being beautiful). By being more rugged, it is a little more complicated to clean, but if you value safety, this is a great floor for your bathroom.


Better known as one of the types of “Cold Floor”, the porcelain tile can be used both in your bathroom and in the living room, for example. In addition, it splits into some types. Check below some of them:


Characterized by the intense brightness, the polished porcelain has a “what” special and refined. But the floor is not only limited to the issue of aesthetics, as it is durable and easy to clean. Just be careful, he’s very slippery!

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