Disadvantages of Owning a Cat as the Known Downsides

You are probably thinking about having a cat for your pet but don’t forget that there are some disadvantages of owning a cat. Having a pet itself isn’t bad after all. You have a loyal companionship and you won’t be lonely. However, owning a cat isn’t all about rainbows and unicorns. Don’t expect only pretty things or you may end up feeling disappointed.

Cat as Pet

Disadvantages of Owning a CatA cat can be entertaining as well as fun. Imagine having a long and hard day only to come home to this creature that will do funny things to make you happy. Sounds like an ideal picture, right? It would be realistic if you can remember the negative things about cats. For a starter, think about their attitude and behavior. If you like the active and agile pets, having cats would be out of your league. Cats really love to lazy around. They enjoy sleeping. And they may disturb your sleeping if they are awakened and you are asleep.

Other bad things about having a cat are their natural behavior. First of all, they aren’t like dogs that can be trained and ordered. On the other hand, cats really hate being commanded around.

They won’t obey your order, no matter how loud you order them. Second, their litter is super smelly – and it isn’t exactly pretty to look at. And you have to clean their litter box at least twice a week. If not, the smell will be unbearable and the litter can be the source of disease.


There are also things you should know about having a cat. Cats shed their fur so if you are super conscious about hair, maybe cats aren’t your best option. Not to mention that cats like to claw on things so don’t be surprised if your furniture or your favorite bags are shredded and damaged. Those are the common cons of owning a cat.

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