Difference between Internal Memory and RAM

The internal memory and the RAM memory are always reasons for the great doubt for the public. Since there are two very important points to buy a smartphone or tablet, it is important to be clear about the function of each and what the benefit of both.

Difference between Internal Memory and RAM

For the sake of clarity, it is extremely important to explain each of the memories separately so that its benefits within a smartphone are clear. So before you buy any handset, check out its specifications to see if its settings match your needs. Without further ado, let’s get down to business!

What is RAM Memory?

We start with RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, which translates into Random Access Memory. Your mission is to open files and rotate them. Translating, do you know when you’re on Instagram and receive a message in WhatsApp whose content is a website link and you click to open it? So what is happening in this situation is 3 applications running simultaneously and who takes care of the good performance, not to occur locks and slows are the Memory RAM. So the higher the RAM, the better and faster the execution of these applications.

What is Internal Memory?

Already the internal memory has the function of storing files of the smartphone, as an example: applications, photos, and music. It is essential to have a large internal memory as well since most smartphones already come with a certain amount of space and if the internal memory is not too large it will not be possible to store many applications and other contents. Memory expiration is not uncommon, which makes the mobile phone unable to receive SMS, record new contacts in the phonebook and often even the inability to make calls.

Eternal Allies

Now that it has become clear what is an internal memory and what is RAM, let’s go to the X of the question.
Both are of immense importance in the device, and the larger space the further away you will be the problems of storage and subsequent execution. What happens between internal memory and RAM is an eternal union. Note, when you download game applications, for example, this content is saved in the internal memory of your phone, but when you select it to play, it is the RAM that is activated to run it. Soon both memories are of immense relevance in the smartphone.

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