Definition About TV/Television Cable

Cable television or cable TV or television community antenna(respectivelyCable TelevisionorCommunity Antenna TelevisioninEnglish, CATV) is a distribution system of audiovisual contentTVinFM radio and other services to consumers through coaxial cables fixed, rather than the traditional and old transmission system via antenna radio(broadcast television). Spread to several countries, mainly through the service pay-TV.

Technically, cable television involves the distribution of a number of channels television collected in a central location (known as headend in English ) to subscribers within a community through a network of fiber optic and/or coaxial cables and amplifiers of band wide.

In the case of radio transmission, the use of different frequencies allows many channels to be distributed through the same cable, wireless separate for each. The tuner of the TV, the VCR or radio selects a blended its signal channel.

The same program is often aired simultaneously on radio and distributed by cable, usually at different frequencies. Other programs can be distributed by cable only; rules restricting content (such as pornography ) in practically no cable television.


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