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Finding the Best Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Color Match

Finding Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Color Match is the most problematic thing for some of home owner. In fact, this color is often used for painting the house, as it give warm harmonious feeling to the house. This color can be match to other Benjamin Moore gray color such as gray owl, moonshine, horizon, titanium, nimbus, coastal fog, harbor gray, thunder, dolphin fin, horizon gray, quill, frappe, gray ghost, edge comb gray, plantation mass, and oat lands subtle taupe.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Color Match to any of dark or bright color. In modern house concept, revere pewter often combines with white color to give bright effect to the house. In fact, Revere Pewter is similar to soft gray and also close to soft brown. Even though this color can give sweet and soft effect, but it still had the slightly dark atmosphere to it. Therefore white can be the best color to match with it and to give the bright sensation to the house. Combining with white color can also give natural, clean and wide effect to the house, therefore it will be perfect to use revere pewter combination with white for the house with the small size. It can make the house looks wider with the camouflage effect.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Color Match

Benjamin Moore itself is the famous paint brand and often used for the luxurious house. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Color Match to its other color in the same brand. It not only match to gray color, but can also combine to other color in between brown and green. In addition, it can also be Benjamin Moore revere pewter color match Sherwin Williams. In fact, many people try to find SW brand which can match to Benjamin Moore paint, especially for the Revere Pewter color. It is because these two brands are competing each other and popular among the house owner for the best color decorations.

Benjamin Moore revere pewter color match Sherwin Williams especially in any gray color. In fact, SW also had the same Revere Pewter color as Benjamin Moore. Even so, SW color tend to be more grayish rather than Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter which is more brownish. However, house owner can still try to use the same color from two different brand to create such gradation color or for ornament painting with it. Besides for painting the basic wall color, this color also often used as the ornament painting, and is combined with other similar color to make gradation.

Benjamin Moore revere pewter color match Sherwin Williams gray colors. These color combinations can be used for both interior and exterior design. Interior designs often used brighter color combination to light the house more and give neat and wide sensation to it. While for the exterior painting, dark color is often chosen as the partner of revere pewter, especially for area around the garden. The reason is the combination with dark color can create such romantic atmosphere in the garden and suit to the plants, garden decoration, and furniture there. For further discussion, please read through the following link ReverePewter.

Folding Coffee Table Helps You Keeping The Space

Folding Coffee Table

Folding coffee table is indeed very efficient and space saver for the small room. It can be folded and expanded when it is needed only. For the functional room when some activity is done there and the coffee table is not firm furniture that is available, having the portable folding coffee table is the good point you can earn with your space. Moreover some coffee table is able to be expanded to be a reading table and dining table! What an invention! Folding table doesn’t always mean that it will lose the style and less material than the wooden table. We can find the way to make your folding table looks great!

The wooden table is indeed the easiest to find for folding coffee table, that’s why we will discuss about it first. The first wooden coffee table which can turn into dining table takes a modular system underneath the surface of the table and the legs, so it can move and shape the higher and better looks dining table for simple two. The other chance is the table has double layers, so the first layer is modular do you can take half of your side up and pull close to your while your friend can pull half of the other side to him / her and having double dining table from the small long coffee table.

More idea that white shocking you is about the glass material of the table surface and the steel structure. It will be a little tricky that the surface is from glass which will not be anti scratching and alluring on the surface. But the steel structure can be folded into very low table and you can keep in when you don’t need it or you would like to redecorate your room, as long as you cover the surface with the soft fabric, the glass will be fine. The steel feet will need a little polished after not being use long, but the elegance cannot be taken from the folding coffee table.

Geometric Painting: see how to do it

Colors are prominent in the decor, and some painting techniques make the walls protagonists of any environment. One of them, in particular, has been a trend in modern and creative projects: geometric painting.

The Beautiful and economical idea, the geometric painting has a plethora of drawing options and can be applied in any room of the house, according to the style of each.

And the best: if you do not want to hire a professional painter, a little skill to do the markings with crepe tape and paint is enough.

Doubt? See the step by step how to make a geometric painting.


– Newspaper or plastic to cover the floor;

– Roll of wool (number according to the amount of colors you will use);

– Ink tray;

– Crepe tape;

– Brush;

– Ink;

– Sandpaper.

First step

Choose the drawing you will make, and outline the area to be painted. Remember: the less divisions and colors, the greater the design, the easier the execution.

Second step

If the surface is not very smooth, sandpaper the area to leave the wall even.

Third step

Set the background color, which will be the predominant of the wall. After painting the surface completely with the chosen color, wait for the complete drying time determined by the paint manufacturer, okay? This drying can take up to 48 hours.

Fourth step

With dry paint, mark the geometric designs with crepe tape. Any crepe tape works for the project, but there are own tapes for painting. Press it against the wall so that the paint does not penetrate underneath it.

If you choose triangles, you can rely on the help of squares. For stripes, use a level to make them very close.

Fifth step

Placed ribbon, start painting the geometric shapes, in the colors you have chosen. Tip: Darker tones give the impression of shadow, while lighter tones emphasize light.

Important: Do not dissolve the ink to prevent it from flowing.

Sixth step

Finished paint, remove the crepe tape as soon as it is dry to the touch. Important: Do not wait for the ink to dry completely, it can damage the paint.

If necessary, touch the edges of the geometric figure with the brush.

Want to see a step by step in detail? See this Coral Paints tutorial.

Flooring for the Bathroom: How to choose Types and Colors?

It may not look like it, but the bathroom always gives a differential to your home. After a long day of work or study, it is in him that you take that revitalizing bath. And not necessarily just you, your visitors also enjoy this room. Check below some tips for you to select your new bathroom floor!


Sweethearts from various bathrooms out there, the tablets can be found in various colors and materials (glass, ceramic, among others), giving you a huge range of possibilities when decorating your bathroom. In addition, the material is great for small spaces, because its size helps the environment to be “enlarged”. Just be careful when choosing the coating, because the pellet easily accumulates waste! Cleaning is something that has to be done carefully when choosing this material.


Another floor very popular among bathrooms, the tile has a huge variety of styles, but, unlike the tablet, can be stamped with aesthetic standards. One advantage of this stylish floor is the cost, which is lower compared to others, thus making you remodel a bit more than an initial budget. Just be sure of the pattern you are going to use, because after a while you may end up getting seasick.


We all know that home security is key. When we talk about the toilet, we have to take into account that accidents such as slip after a bath, are totally possible. For this reason, the anti-slip floor has been developed, which values safety (but it does not stop being beautiful). By being more rugged, it is a little more complicated to clean, but if you value safety, this is a great floor for your bathroom.


Better known as one of the types of “Cold Floor”, the porcelain tile can be used both in your bathroom and in the living room, for example. In addition, it splits into some types. Check below some of them:


Characterized by the intense brightness, the polished porcelain has a “what” special and refined. But the floor is not only limited to the issue of aesthetics, as it is durable and easy to clean. Just be careful, he’s very slippery!

Tips to Solve Small Bathroom Problems

Having a small bathroom inside your house will likely give you a challenge to be able to take advantage despite any limitations that the room offers. You should be able to make use of any space inside the room without making it look crowded. In order to do that, all that you need are some tricks that can make your small bathroom comfortable and attractive without making it look too full. The following smart tips for small bathrooms may be suitable to be applied in your house.

Small Bathroom Problems

Tiny bathroom with minimum space, sometimes cause you some troubles, such as:

  • Every time you enter the bathroom, you will think as if you were crammed inside that tiny room.
  • You do not have any room for storage, whereas you have already been squeezed in the loo, shower, bath tub, and sink.
  • It makes you not able to add shelves, although you need more room for storage.

Small bathroom sample

Small Bathroom Tips

In order to solve those problems, we provide you some tips that might be useful to facilitate your needs yet still give spacious effect to your bathroom.

  • To solve the first problem, a trick for spacious illusion might be useful to make your bathroom look larger. You can create such illusion by leaving the floor area clear. It can be done by placing some hung elements that do not touch the ground, like a sink that is hung on the wall, and a toilet that is also hung slightly above the ground. Keeping the floor freed-up will not only make your bathroom look more spacious, but it will also allow you to make use of that space to place any needed items, like a bin for waste papers, or stowing basket.
  • It is better for you not to use the valuable space inside your bathroom, or else, your bathroom will look even smaller. Instead, you can provide extra areas to put your toiletries and towels on the storage niches that are placed in the shower area above your toilet.
  • You are suggested to use a shower rather than a bath tub in the small bathroom.
  • Use neutral, soft, or pastel colors for the bathroom floor, wall, and any other elements in the bathroom.
  • Put a big mirror to give a spacious effect to your small bathroom.

Those are some tips in making a small bathroom look wider. We hope that these tips can provide inspiration and input for those who may face a problem in dealing with small bathrooms.

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