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ASMR Video: Examples and Benefits

Nowadays, using technology during the daily routine is a very common thing that almost all of the people do. Most of the people even rely on technology to help them relax. One of the examples of technologies that can make people relax is ASMR video. Yes, ASMR video – that some of us might have never heard of before – is becoming such a trend recently.

ASMR VideoWhat is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Although it sounds a little bit complicated, ASMR is actually a term which is used to refer to such an experience of tingling sensation that you can feel on your skin which somehow results in a positive feeling. It is also often defined as “log-grade euphoria” caused by certain triggers. Not all people will experience ASMR or give the same response to the same trigger.

The Triggers

ASMR can occur due to numerous kinds of triggers or stimuli. Some of the most common triggers that can affect people to experience ASMR are:

  • Lips smacking sound
  • Speech with soft and slow pattern (e.g.: whisper)
  • Intensive personal attention
  • Gentle physical touch
  • Cracking, scratching, water ticking sounds
  • Meticulous and detailed task performances

All of these triggers can also be delivered through a video. This is what people call as ASMR video.

The Examples of ASMR Video

There are some videos containing some of the previously mentioned stimulants, which are quite popular as triggers to ASMR. The first one is a video entitled “Fountain Pen”. This video contains two ASMR triggers: stretching sound (resulted from the stretch of the tip of a fountain pen and a paper) and a meticulous penmanship performance. The second example is a video entitled “Making a Cup of Tea” by Yang Haiying. The video contains at least three triggers: Haiying’s soft and gentle way of speaking, cracking and ticking sounds between the tools, and tea-making process.

The Benefits of ASMR Video

Certainly, for some people, these kinds of video can make them relax. A positive feeling will definitely give positive effects to both your mental or physical health. Besides improving the flow of your blood, this kind of sensation can also reduce your level of stress, which will automatically improve your mood and performance. ASMR is also claimed to be effective in helping those who have problems of sleep.

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