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Does Smoking Affect The Occurrence of Sulfur Burps?

Furthermore, there is one custom which makes Sulfur Burps an action where at present there are many of them who make their belching habits become more frequent than normal limits. In fact, not only adults who do these acts, already a lot of teenagers or underage children who have run activities that not only make their health disturbed from the results of these bad habits but also can threaten the health of the more fatal in the future.

sulfur burps

Smoking is one of those habits that can cause sulfur burps for those who do it often. Until now, there are so many people who smoke where some of them are dominated by adults, teenagers and children. In fact, not only men, there are so many women who often do it on the grounds to give the sensation of pleasure for those who depend on it. In fact, one of the most frequent effects caused by smoking is to often cause a loud burp sound and unpleasant smell from the cigarette that has been smoked.

Then, smoking is a habit that can cause Sulfur Burps excessively because of where the things contained in cigarettes contain a variety of harmful substances that can cause health problems as a whole and cause undesirable effects in the future due to the content of these cigarettes. Sulfur is one of the most widely known substances by some groups of people whose chemicals have a bad odor to breathe, it is no wonder that some people who become smokers will often experience Sulfur Burps and make the circulation or outside air become inadequate to inhale resulting from the cigarettes consumed. However, the most harmful impacts other than can make excessive burp frequencies can also cause death, especially for those who are active smokers that’s always seen around.

Does Floating Ribs Provide Optimal Functions For Human Respiratory?

One of the next functions of floating ribs in which there are some uses that can have a tremendous impact on human survival. Then, the existence of the ribs can berguns every day because in general humans who exist throughout the world always do all kinds of activities where in all kinds of actions they do have one thing that if without existence it is very impossible anyone in this world can still survive, where its existence includes the impact of the presence of the ribs.

The function is to help humans handle their breathing arrangements during various activities. Not a case if Floating Ribs are included into one of the other rib parts which have similar functions to other ribs. Therefore, its existence is very important in human life in order to always help breathing every person in their respective lives. Then, the ribs are also able to control the respiratory rate of the body so as not to be excreted excessively.

floating ribs

Humans are one of the living things that have in common with other living things, that both need to breathe. Therefore, in the breathing circulation of the body everyone needs to know if basically Floating Ribs are already known and entered into the structure or arrangement of ribs is another important part that can not be underestimated, one of which is in terms of helping everyone in its priceless survival. No wonder, if the existence of the ribs section should have the treatment of you as a human like to keep all parts of organs in other bodies in order to work optimally and able to protect your health from all kinds of things that threaten your immune decreased due to lack of concern for one body parts. Not difficult, but just need to be grateful every day and always be careful in maintaining the intake for the health of the body and internal organs.

Does Dengue Hemorrhoid Include Type Hay Fever Rash?

Until now, there are still many people who misunderstand the definition of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, where one of these diseases is still the fruit of the environment around the community and is always debated to date, whether the type of Dengue Fever is included in the group Hay Fever Rash? So, there are some analysis or explanation from some expert experts who explain in a random and factual basis of it.

hay fever rash

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is one of the illnesses that is not always associated with Hay Fever Rash. Because, both types of fever has a different source of disease but have symptoms that are slightly the same, ie with the onset of symptoms of a sudden rise in body temperature than usual. However, there are some things that become the basis of the difference between the type of common fever with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever you should know in order not to create anxiety in the community that still looked at one eye between the both.

If Hay Fever Rash is a common fever disease and is common to almost everyone, then Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is different from ordinary fever. Because, the source of the disease from its existence is the lack of attention to the surrounding environment that causes the gathering of mosquitoes that become a hotbed of the disease in the fever in your body. In addition, if you have been attacked by the disease then the symptoms that often occur is with the incidence of red spots throughout the body and high temperatures resulting from mosquitoes that cause you have Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. Simple steps you can do to avoid the disease is to always clean the bathroom and close the tub of water in it, but it also clean the environment and use insect repellent so that insects do not bring the disease virus into your home.

ASMR Role Play to make you feel relaxed

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (henceforth, ASMR) can be simply defined as various positive sensations of calmness, relaxation, sleepiness, and tingles, resulting from various stimuli. The most triggers that can stimulate the sensation can be in the form of audio, visual, audio, visual, and, sometimes, in the form of attentional control. There are also many kinds of ASMR stimuli, one of them is what people know as ASMR roleplay.

What is ASMR Roleplay?

There is no official, fix definition of ASMR roleplay. Generally speaking, ASMR roleplay is any video through which someone (usually strangers) intentionally helps you to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, safe, and welcomed. There are many types of ASMR videos that you can find on the Internet, such as motivation roleplay, encouraging roleplay, friend, role play, even a nurse and therapist role plays. Most of the people who regularly watch the ASMR video claim that they enjoy the personal attention type of role play the most. It is always pleasant to have someone who really cares about you.

Relaxing ASMR roleplay

The Most Popular ASMR Roleplays

As has been mentioned previously, the most popular and wanted role play is the personal attention type. An example of personal attention roleplay is when you see your doctor, eye doctor for example, he/she will be very kind to you and close to you. Here are many types of roleplays in various videos that you can find on the Internet are:

1. Personal attention videos

In these types of video, you will see someone, it can be either your lover, nurse, or friend, that cares so much about you. These are the videos that can help you get rid of your loneliness feeling.

2. Motivation videos

In these videos, you can find a person, that will act as your friend, who encourage you in a positive way. If you feel depressed and do not know what to do, these types of videos are the right choice to help you.

3. Anxiety relieved videos

These videos will calm you down and help you to feel happy and good. The videos will definitely help you to think straight.

Anything you should know about Relaxing Spa

After a long, busy schedule, it is sometimes essential for us to have our time to relax. In just a couple of hours, or even a few days, there will be many benefits that we can obtain from maintaining our inner peace and avoiding and external distraction, sometimes. For those who live in a big city, a relaxing spa becomes the best and the easiest choice to relax their mind and maintain their body.

The Benefits of Relaxing Spa

Many people, most of them are women, love to visit a spa, either natural spa (hot springs) or salon spa. Both of them have many benefits. However, in this article, we will give emphasize more on the benefits of the salon spa that also offers therapeutic massages.

  • It gives us time to escape from work and people.
  • It allows our body to rejuvenate or regenerate.

Spa and massage

  • It can improve the circulation of blood, which can allow more nutrients and oxygen to travel through our body and cells.
  • It can stimulate the serotonin release, which can improve good feeling.
  • It moisturizes our skin effectively and maintains the beauty of our skin.
  • Some things that you should consider

However, there are some things that you should be aware of and you should consider before doing the relaxing spa treatment. It is important to remember that you should avoid having too much alcohol and meals before getting the treatment. Instead, you are suggested to consume more water, since water is good to help get rid of the toxins inside your body. Besides, before getting the treatment, you should not forget to remind your therapist if you:

  • Are under any medication or treatment due to your health problems
  • Think you are pregnant
  • Have an operation or injury recently
  • Have sores or broken skin
  • Have allergy to certain products

Telling the therapist about these things in advance is important, since it can affect the treatment you will receive.

How Relaxing Music Affects Our Body and Mind

There are plenty of people who love to listen to music’s, especially when they are trying to relax either during their leisure time or between busy schedules. For your information, listening to music, particularly the classical one can give such a significant relaxing effect that will make your mind and body calm. This condition will positively affect your health, such as reducing the heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure.

How Music Affects Our Body

Relaxing musicTo make it easier to understand, let us imagine our bodies as instruments that can absorb music or sound. As soon as we absorb the sound, it will draw our attention and distract us from what we were thinking about. It can be a medium to help us exploring our emotions. In conclusion, relaxing music is a perfect medium for meditation.

As we know, people’s preferences on music’s are not the same. Therefore, it is you who are able to precisely determine what kind of music that can improve your mood. However, classical and soft music’s are claimed as the music’s that have the most calming effect on the human’s mind.

Benefits of relaxing music

Here are some benefits of relaxing music that we can obtain:

  1. As has been previously mentioned, listening to music’s can reduce our level of stress significantly. It will so much help you to connect to what therapists say as “inner peace”.
  2. Relaxation music is very suitable to be used during your yoga meditation. In doing yoga, you are expected to slow your breathing down, and also forget about the past and future, meaning that you have to remain at the present time. You can easily do that with the assistance of relaxation music that can calm your body and mind.
  3. This kind of music can also relax your body. That is why, classical and slow music’s are often played during the spa, massage, or acupuncture treatment.
  4. Impressively, relaxing music is believed to be able to stimulate the healing power of your body. It can also help you to have a good nap and a deeper sleep.

ASMR Video: Examples and Benefits

Nowadays, using technology during the daily routine is a very common thing that almost all of the people do. Most of the people even rely on technology to help them relax. One of the examples of technologies that can make people relax is ASMR video. Yes, ASMR video – that some of us might have never heard of before – is becoming such a trend recently.

ASMR VideoWhat is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Although it sounds a little bit complicated, ASMR is actually a term which is used to refer to such an experience of tingling sensation that you can feel on your skin which somehow results in a positive feeling. It is also often defined as “log-grade euphoria” caused by certain triggers. Not all people will experience ASMR or give the same response to the same trigger.

The Triggers

ASMR can occur due to numerous kinds of triggers or stimuli. Some of the most common triggers that can affect people to experience ASMR are:

  • Lips smacking sound
  • Speech with soft and slow pattern (e.g.: whisper)
  • Intensive personal attention
  • Gentle physical touch
  • Cracking, scratching, water ticking sounds
  • Meticulous and detailed task performances

All of these triggers can also be delivered through a video. This is what people call as ASMR video.

The Examples of ASMR Video

There are some videos containing some of the previously mentioned stimulants, which are quite popular as triggers to ASMR. The first one is a video entitled “Fountain Pen”. This video contains two ASMR triggers: stretching sound (resulted from the stretch of the tip of a fountain pen and a paper) and a meticulous penmanship performance. The second example is a video entitled “Making a Cup of Tea” by Yang Haiying. The video contains at least three triggers: Haiying’s soft and gentle way of speaking, cracking and ticking sounds between the tools, and tea-making process.

The Benefits of ASMR Video

Certainly, for some people, these kinds of video can make them relax. A positive feeling will definitely give positive effects to both your mental or physical health. Besides improving the flow of your blood, this kind of sensation can also reduce your level of stress, which will automatically improve your mood and performance. ASMR is also claimed to be effective in helping those who have problems of sleep.

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