The best of AMD radeon R9 series graphics

AMD radeon R9 seriesWe all know that AMD has been developing many great and balanced graphic cards that can help you to play a high end and next generation game. Of course, with the competition, AMD has been pushing their development on their latest graphic cards to develop the best graphic cards series that can handle many next generation games. One of the most popular graphic cards from AMD is none other than the R9 series. Of course as a series it has many variation and here are some series of AMD Radeon R9 series graphics that you can have.

Several of the recomended AMD Radeon R9 series with balanced capabilities

  1. AMD R9 270x

If you ever feel how amd radeon hd 7870, then the amd radeon r9 series graphics 270x is also almost the same because clockspeed of 1000 mhz that you can boost up to 1050 mhz, while the memory clock sector ranges between 5600 mhz. Equipped with 1270 stream processors and 32 rop units and 80 units of mapping tecture then you can make the right choice.

  1. AMD R9 280x

Amd radeon r9 280x is claimed as a series graphics unit that replaces the previous series amd radeon hd 7970, but in this series has been equipped with gpu tahiti designed using 2048 stream processor and 128 units of texture mapping and 32 units of rop. While on the clockspeed sector this series is still the same as the series amd radeon r9 270x which reach 1050 mhz.

  1. AMD R9 290 and 290x

Amd radeon r9 290 has the above specifications of the 280x series, it can be seen on 2560 processor stream with texture units up to 160. This series also has a clockspeed up to 662 mhz which of course you can boost up to 947 mhz. This is one of the gpu that has been supported by trueaudio technology where the sound quality sector can really reach a more leverage level than the others. while at 290x there are 2816 stream processors and 176 texture units with an initial clockspeed of 727 which you can boost up to 1000 mhz.

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